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Tabletop+ is a tabletop-RPG encounter management utility, lets you make the most of your maps. This is a PC version of the mobile app, for use with PC peripherals (eg. big screens, projectors) and/or combined with the Android app.

Usable as a GM tool to keep track of everything behind the screen, or to show players what they can see, whilst hiding what they can't behind fog-of-war, or a mixture of the both, running on multiple devices.

Key Features
- Import and view (rotate, pan and zoom) all your maps
NB. Create maps with your favourite image-editing or map-creation software before importing, this utility is for encounter-management, not map creation)
- Dynamically add a Fog of War, to hide map features and details to be unveiled for maximum impact
- An adjustable grid overlay, with the ability to snap
- Add icons to represent players, enemies and other notable features
- Token icons and icon labels can be variety of sizes, shapes and colours
- Encourage exploration, track combat encounters or just display thematic imagery, such as a world map or pictures of creatures being faced
- Save and reload fog and tokens between maps and between play sessions
- Compatible with all RPG systems (old and new) such as Pathfinder, AGE and all editions of D&D (1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/3e/4e/4.5e/Next/5e)

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** Disclaimer **
Sample images from Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set are © Mike Schley, and are used for display purposes only.


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