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Taking inspiration from classic arcade games like Breakout, Super Arkanoid and DX-Ball, Break Rocks 3D reboots this established addictive gameplay by adding all the exciting new features of modern gaming.

BR3D is way more than just a Breakout-clone, or a simple remake however! The fundamental gameplay is enhanced with the ability to use 'aftertouch' to apply spin to the ball and curve it on previously impossible trajectories.

On top of this is the "rogue-lite" progression system where every game incrementally affects a wider meta-game. Every time you play, collecting and using power-ups, building combos and performing trick shots will rack up Coins. Coins carry between games and let you permanently unlock powerful upgrades for all future games. Soon you'll be breezing through previously challenging levels, pushing through to higher scores and new levels, before finally facing the King Brick!

[ Features ]

Fun, simple arcade action with addicting long-term appeal
Master your control of the ball with spin and swerve
Multiple ways to play: Play "Classic", "Jukebox" or "Attack" modes
Track your scores and compete with your friends

Spend coins to unlock a vast arsenal of powerful upgrades
Increase your powers with an improved paddle, extra ball-spin, increased scoring, better combos, more 1UPs, and more!
Feel the excitement of more plentiful and powerful Power-ups!
Unlock the ability to exchange spare Lives for a screen full of extra balls!
Bend space and time with the Forcefield, Powerup Wormhole, Ball-It Time, Attrition and "The Finisher"!
Unleash advanced weaponry! Powerball, Airstrikes, and the devastating Doomsday Device..!

Advanced scoring system!
Build up combos
Score big to earn Coins, extra lives, and set high scores

Retro Aesthetic
16-bit graphics with a modern 3D twist
Classic colours, textures and mechanics
Retro 8-bit chiptune soundtrack, composed on Nintendo Game Boy + ZX Spectrum
35 action-packed levels; can you beat the World Boss on level 35?!

60+ achievements to unlock
Many different blocks and power-ups, with their own unique mechanics
Animated 3D tutorial

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